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09-05-2013, 07:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
You're not at all concerned about the prospect of the Oilers continuing their annual suckitude this year? Because if we see another result like that then all of a sudden MacGregor's lack of success outside of the first round becomes a major concern. We have literally no forward prospects that are even close to touching the NHL.

95 percent, huh? Yikes, our scouting staff really sucks.
I've never been a Macgregor apologist, so maybe our scouting staff does suck, but take a look at the percentages of players taken outside the first round that actually play in the NHL, it's a very low number, before throwing the scouting staff under the bus.

as well, our high end forward prospects are in the NHL already, and have some decent 3rd, 4th line prospects that aren't in this tourney that are playing in the AHL. and 1 lackluster period of Nurse who is probably nervous, and 1 lackluster period of klefbom, who hasn't played a game in almost a year, does not concern me.

and holy ****, it's September 5th, theres still almost a month before the season of actual NHL players start. you are making this game today WAY more significant in the grand scheme of this than it actually is.

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