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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
I found this real quick through google:

Seems to have some old stuff to practice with.

First of all, labs are easy to do. I had never stayed 3 hours in a lab in my life. Do you know how to cook? Well if you can follow a recipe, you can do chemistry labs. Now to the hard part of the lab, Read the lab before you get to your lab!!! I can't stress this enough. The reason why I suggest this, is not only so you know what to do, but the questions for your lab report will be in the booklet and you will be able to ask questions about the questions you will need to answer in your report Most lab techs don't give a **** about give away answers, they usually like talking with students who are actively involved in their domain of expertise. Make friends with the lab tech if you can! (although some are grumpy and well it's not as much fun).

My last piece of advice about chemistry, is I hated it and the only way I did well was by keeping up with the class and even being ahead going into class. A lot of things are to be memorized, but at the same time everything is quite logical. If you understand what you are doing, you will be fine, but make sure you know what you are doing and you are not just saying "ya ya i understand".

Chem 205 is nothing like chem 208. Chem 208 is a joke of a class for people who want to get good grades. Chem 205 is for those who want to get into engineering, or something else that requires you to of done pure and applied in cegep.
are you kidding me, this is high school level at best...

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