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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yep, where is the evidence that this is toprank player? Theres no evidence at this point that this is going to be an NHL player period.

Years ago the same posters were waxing on about how good Teubert, or Abney, or Peckham, or whoever would be. We always seem to hype up our unseen prospects possibly due to a need to have hope that theres something better upcoming then what we have currently in the Oilers lineup.

Right now Klef would have to be one of the biggest unknowns due to how much time he's missed.
You can never talk about evidence until anyone has stepped onto an NHL ice, but as far as things pointing to him being a great prospect I don't think you can do much better than being a WJC all star, being a top 5 D man in the 3rd-4th strongest pro league in the world and having hockey people on both side of the pond gushing.

The guys mostly responsible for the hype here on HF are swedes like myself who have seen him play quite a lot and been mightily impressed. I still think he's going to be a great player and that once(if) he gets back to where he was pre-injury he's NHL ready. There are ofcourse never any guarantees and I could be completely wrong.

But what you're basically saying is that it's extremly hard to predict how well prospects are going to do in the NHL. No ****. And though I agree that some people get a bit carried away with prospects I think it's more fun to speculate than to just say "we'll see what happens when he steps on an NHL ice" about every prospect, because that's all we can do with any kind of certainty.

Obviously you like discussing prospects, otherwise what are you doing in a prospect thread? So you too clearly like to speculate over what might become of young players. Let's do that an not focus on other posters tendencies to hype up prospects. You didn't like what you saw of Klefbom. Which players did impress you?

What is it with you and swedes btw? I'm starting to think you might show up outside my house with a burning cross wearing a white cross Has there ever been a swedish player you liked?

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