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09-05-2013, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I don't think you completely followed what I carefully wrote.

I've drawn a conclusion that Klefs development has been impacted, probably severely, due to missing so much hockey over the last 2 years. Again, and I repeat, this assessment has nothing to do with Klef specifically, I would state this concern for any D rank prospect that has missed this much time. People chronically underestimate how much impact something like this has on development. I've said this before re: Klefbom though, the game really not changing anything for me in that I'm not at all surprised how he looks.
Sweeden plays what 45 games, so he missed 30 games over the last two years. Ya, that will hurt your development, but severely? I think that is a pretty strong word. I mean either you like Klef of you don't, it is fine if you think he is over rated, but just say it. You seem to be hiding behind a cloud of words to cover up the fact that you don't think he is a great player and this one game confirmed your belief. Fine, I don't agree though, and I don't think most of the board does.

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