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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
No he does not. He tries to avoid contact. That's why I called him a dangler and that's why calling him a power forward is absurd. So again no, lets not call him a power anything because the guy doesn't play a power game whatsoever

And the gold medal argument is a joke, the guy played on team Canada. I could have taken his spot on that team and won a gold medal with them. All the man has done in the NHL is lose. And when he came here he played like a loser. He plays hockey like it's an individual, not a team, sport
And you call my argument a joke? If he didn't deserve to be on Team Canada, surely they could have found someone else better. 'All the man has done is lose' and then you go on to say that hockey is a team sport. Do you not see the contradiction there?

When his team wins you give all the credit to the team; When his team loses, you blame it on him. I'll give him a pass on the playoffs for these reasons: Shortened season. Almost the entire team had a crappy postseason. He hardly has any playoff experience. He might have been injured. The guy is also our only goalscoring threat; The opposition's defense can focus entirely on him.

Nash is the least of this teams problems.

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