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09-06-2013, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Yeah, but first impression is that it's better than most of the recent jerseys, especially those terrible 90's incarnations with the giant half maple leaf scrawled over half the front of the jersey.

I don't mind it saying "Canada" because there will surely be some people watching from somewhere in Africa or Taiwan or wherever that might not immediately find it recognizable. There are a ton of European nations it takes me a second to figure out when I'm watching...

*tries and fails to find an emoticon indicating that I will indulge this claim, but only playfully/condescendingly as I find it ludicrous*

Maybe being a lifelong Canadian hockey fan clouds my judgement but within the realm of ice hockey, if there is an iconic country, logo and set of colours then surely it is Canada, the maple leaf, and white on red.

Only the USA would be more recognizeable for its red/white/blue but even then several other countries use the same colours.

Anyway I don't think you can compare the struggle to discern between say, the Slovakian, Slovenian and Czech (and Norwegian and American and Russian) kits at a glance to Canada and.. Switzerland I guess has the same colours.

Even if there isn't surely the Maple Leaf is far more recognizeable at any distance than a small script underneath it.

And putting aside all of this, if you are that African dude are you really going to change the channel because it takes a couple of moments to get an idea of which team is which? That's not generally how it goes for me when I watch unfamiliar sports..

Anyway. I hate the trend so I'm going overboard here.

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