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Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
This explanation only came out after this goal occurred.
No, it came out on March 25th when the rule was changed. Confirmed by the Sabres organization.

There were goals being disallowed in the playoffs all over the place which is why there was such a surprise about this one. (I can remember Moreau having a "toe in the crease")
The rule prohibiting players standing in the crease was still in effect. The purpose of the memo was to clarify that the rule didn't apply to players who skated into the crease with possession of the puck, which is what Hull did.

I don't remember any goals similar to Hull's being waved off, and would be very interested to see an example. Of course it would be a case of a bad call on the first goal, not the Hull goal, but it would at least add some substance to that argument.

Not to mention, personally, I find it hard to be convinced conclusively of possession using static pictures. If the puck is touching the stick, it doesn't mean possession.
So look at the overhead video instead and see the same thing. The static pictures are simply a point of reference to highlight the fact that Hull was quite clearly outside the crease when he found the puck.

The NHL argued that the shot, rebound, kick, and rebound again was one possession as he's moving through the crease.
And I think they were being overly technical in order to avoid people finding loopholes in the concept of "control". That has been happening as a fallback argument ever since the Sabres acknowledged that they had received the memo.

To me, setting aside the loophole arguments and looking at the intent and substance of the rules, it's very clear that the league gave players the green light to enter the crease before the puck as long as they were the actual puck carrier. That was the entire purpose of the memo -- it's just that nobody really cared about such an arcane subject until it actually happened at a critical moment.

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