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01-13-2004, 08:31 PM
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It was a luckluster effort. I'd like Trotz to do two things. He should designate certain players as hitters and if the players pass up what the staff feels to be prime opportunities to check, I think they ought to sit a shift or two. Too many times players passed up legit hitting chances. We just play too passively at times. Hall was hitting. Tootoo was hitting. Most everyone else was watching. I guess hey figured after Tootoo bombed Avery, they'd filled up their hitting quota for the game. Trotz also needs to do this with those who aren't shooting. Legwand can single handedly kill a 2-1. He'll hold the puck and wait for the perfect time to pass. Well, by the time he's realized there will be no 'perfect' time, he's narrowed his choices down to forcing a bad angle shot, forcing a poor percentage pass, or carrying the puck around the net eventually losing it harmlessly to the defense. I'm sick of Zidlicky and Co. passing up prime shooting chances in order to put the puck onto the stick of a far less dangerous player in a far less dangerous situation. Both Zids and Legwand would rather set up big Jim McKenzie at the blue line than take a close in shot.

That and I'd like to see us pull Timonen off the PP. He's just been really 'blah' for a few games now offensively. Pull him off that unit for a few games and let him recharge his batteries. Hamhuis - Zidlicky; York - Eaton will do the trick for a few games. It certainly won't be any worse than it is right now. I guess my biggest disappointment is our inability to carry the puck in the zone and set up the PP. This Kings team isn't very good, and we made their PK look like Gods. We've been very, very poor on the PP for a long time. It seems our PP goals recently have been shots from the points that have eyes or bounces to wide open guys who found empty nets. PP's have to create goals. Ours seem to wait around for the lucky break. I just don't understand how we can't carry the puck in against L.A. or any other PK (maybe 1 in 5 attempts results in something other than a TO or a dump in) but most PP's have little trouble skating into the zone and setting up against us (around 3 in 5 attempts results in something other than a TO or a dump in). Is it our scheme or our execution? Surely we don't willingly want them to set up?

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