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09-06-2013, 11:53 AM
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I think the most realistic approach to this notion is this: We are not day-to-day rivals. I don't think we are even close.

But, when it comes to the playoffs, I do believe - personally - that the history we have there and only there creates an added essence to the sentiment during the series.

We have a very interesting playoff history and have met quite a few times and there is always an added intensity and passion to it. But it only surfaces when all those pasts surface. During the course of a season, no one actually gives a **** about any of those things because they aren't there.

Rivalries exist in different fashions, for sure. I think it's irrefutable that Devils/Canes playoff series' have everything you could want from one.

However, lets hinge this entire question on one with a revisionists history:

I have still not seen the game 7 goal we blew against the Canes despite having been IN the building at the time. But, in that moment, it was an absolutely awful, awful, feeling as a fan. I think it would be unanimous around here.

But if you asked Devils' fans to choose between winning that game 7 instead of blowing it or losing to the Rangers in a non-dramatic fashion in 2011-2012, you'll find a probably close to 100% response that we'll take a loss to the Canes like that every time over NOT beating the Rangers, period.

I think it speaks for itself. In the moment, its good. But in general, it doesn't run so deep. I'd rather blow a game 7 every ****ing year to Carolina as long as we send the Rangers packing at some point in the playoffs. I didn't like we lost to LA, or how we fell behind so quick, but it felt NOTHING like losing to Colorado did. I didn't even care because we made Queen Henrik cry and they were the favorites and all the 1994 comparisons the whole ****ing series.

That vindication was priceless and nothing about Canes/Devils could even come close to comparing to that.

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