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09-06-2013, 02:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweeney Regan View Post
Photo radar and intersection cameras are a deterrent.
I definitely run far less yellow (orange) lights and no longer speed up to make it through a intersection before the light changes. I know plenty of others who have also changed their habits.

I pay much more attention to the posted speed limits in the city, especially when gong through construction zones.

Ironically the people that the cameras and photo radar have effected the most are the police themselves. They get tickets for driving too fast and running red lights now just like the rest of us. In the past they would never have gotten a ticket if pulled over.

Yes these automated systems bring in a lot of money. In my opinion that is win win. A tax on the stupid that anyone can avoid if they want to follow the driving laws and at the same time it keeps traffic speeds honest.
I would love for you to explain to me how on earth you would ever know that and what you have to back that up.

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