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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
The point isn't to have good players or good futures


Boston almost instantly WENT ON TO WIN THE STANLEY CUP. Toronto missed the playoffs for four years.

A division rival, who's fleeced your organization already, gets a bunch of very valuable high round picks and cap space and then within a matter of months manages to pick up FAs with that cap hit and WIN THE STANLEY CUP... THEY WON THE TRADE... AND THE STANLEY CUP.

I'd trade ten first round picks if it meant the Habs win the cup, Toronto essentially GAVE THE BRUINS THE STANLEY CUP.
Stop defending the Leafs and Burke as though they operate in a vacuum, who cares if they got a skinny winger who hasn't won squat - they gave a division rival a lot of cap space, great young assets and favorable conditions for a cup run. Beyond that, the Leafs missed the playoffs every year afterward. Burke and the Leafs lost that trade in every which way, and I can only hope that Kessel leaves as a UFA to some mid-west team and exposes that organization even more.

Seguin being traded has no bearing on the situation as they got another fantastic asset in return and just finished yet another Stanley Cup Final appearance while we're here signing Bouillion and Desharnais and twiddling our thumbs.
I don't see how this is the case. Boston actually got immediately weaker with that trade and still won the cup. It's kind of like us dealing Chelios for Savard... we won but not because of the trade. Don't get me wrong... I still think Boston was brilliant for making the move but I don't think it was a huge factor in that cup win.

How do you see Seguin as having won them the cup? You could even argue that they might've won the cup last year with Kessel instead of him. Seguin basically went away last postseason.

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