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09-06-2013, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
This is where you're obscenely off the mark, as usual.
Interesting jibe there with the "as usual".

I think with Seguin and that cap space they used to sign Horton their team developed a style and depth that surpassed their capabilities with Kessel. Kessel wasn't really a gamebreaker at the time of his trade (and I would argue he isn't a bonafide elite player now either) but yes - he was the most talented player involved. However with Horton and Seguin the Bruins got much depth and that's how they beat every team.

Now if Seguin got them through that series against Tampa Bay, which by all media accounts he was given credit for, and Horton had an overall "decent" playoffs with 3 gwg and the Leafs gave them both Seguin and the cap-space to sign Horton - I'm positing that none of that would've happened had it not been for the trade.

Yes it's speculative but that's exactly how I feel about the trade. The Bruins got talented young players and scoring depth, the Leafs got a winger who hasn't done much of anything for them. They lost the trade, Boston won the cup.

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