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Originally Posted by Fayne Staley View Post
Yup, all those guys besides maybe J. Staal. But Eric for **** sure. I'd want to know from a Carolina fan's perspective, who on the Devils? I know there was a mention of Stevens, but that lasted for only a short period and he was retired. It just seems a bit uneven on both sides in terms of nastiness. You need those villains on both teams to make a great rivalry IMO. From our side it's kind of tame (due to the playoff losses obviously) Who exactly do Canes fans dislike? Brodeur? Elias?
There's some that dislike Brodeur in the same sense that they dislike Chara. Absolutely elite player, arguably the best at the position of their generation, playing against the Canes. Nobody even came close to generating the type of hate that Stevens did due to the Francis hit though.

And for the record, quite a few Canes fans hate the goal horn crap just about as much as you guys do, myself included.

It's funny though most of us, with the exception of some of our more trollish posters or those that just still hold the Stevens grudge, don't hate you guys persay. Might not like you but there's still that amount of respect considering your fans don't act like asshats when dealing with us, and we try to do the same. The same can't be said of a few others who have made the trek in recent years, and/or have more bandwagonish fanbases.

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