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09-06-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
As far as them fighting I agree with you. However, here is Cloton Orr's best play ever as a NY Ranger. Earlier in the game, Ovechkin purposely came crashing into Lundqvist's knee and the Garden was deathly silent thinking Lundqvist was done for the season if not career.

That's why you need team toughness.
I thought the theory behind players like Colton Orr is that they act as some sort of super menacing deterrence that ensures that plays like that never happen? Colton Orr was already well established on the Rangers and around the league when that play happened. If we accept the theory of goon supremacy shouldn't Alex Ovechkin have been too terrified of retribution to ever do something like that in the first place? And, seeing as how he obviously wasn't, doesn't that kind of weaken the whole point of having a Colton Orr at all?

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