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09-06-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Considering the Yankees, Mets, Rangers and Knicks own their station, I am surprised this isn't offered.
I am stunned beyond words...

My guess is the revenue they would gain from the subscriptions and online advertising won't make up for the lost revenue of having it exclusively on tv.
They control the product; they don't have to back a monopoly viewing 'exclusively' on TV. They can get all they will additionally get, and then demand beaucoup bucks from TV station(s). No prob, with oversaturation, every game is different, so it is widening the distribution. Only factor lessening what a station would pay is competition of other viewing choices.

Or, they just haven't researched this yet.
Could be.....

But, if the Rangers ever did something like this, where you could just order the games, live I would do it and drop the cable.
Video killed the radio star, internet is killing tv.
These smart sets have other value added purpose, so should only be a matter of time.
Common, guitar Jimmy Dolan!
I want to tell cable where to go..........


Then again, it is not as if it will save me much money. Companies would eventually just raise internet service fees until they were as much as what I am paying now for the triple play.
Maybe, except you would have a more direct relationship w/the producer (team) and the consumer (fan), and that would be economically good for us. If things really got crazy, fans could always petition for relief from excessive price gouging, just as consumers have that right in other scenarios.

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