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11-16-2006, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by UserName View Post
i'm assuming you mean whippy or stiff shafts on HOCKEY STICKS.

In that case, i perfer a whippy shaft because i'm light weight 6' 155 and like to use my wrist shot more so then my slap shot, a lot less effort on my part to bend/flex the stick when i'm shooting. currently i'm useing easton stealth grip 85 flex lidstrom, the pattern is sexy.
Personal preference mostly. I thought I liked stiff ones, but more I shot with it, I realized I wanted something whippy. I'm essentially the same build as the guy above and was using around a 95 (yes, the Lidstrom is sweeet). I'm looking to get something in about 70-75 now. Someone told me to take your weight and divide by half to get your flex...thought it was crap, but is looking true right now for me.

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