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09-06-2013, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
I see you are in the office today? Get some fresh air and rethink this screed ..j/k
Haha. Yeah. First week on the job, not as heavy a load as I will soon have.

BTW nobody said he sucks...once again using extreme language to cloud the argument. bout we let camp decide if he gets a job before saying his potential competition hasn't shown anything to indicate they are better than Gagne. Again, the argument here is showing deference to him which looks like the Flyers are not really far..luckily
People may never have used the word "sucks" to describe him (though I think in a reading of the whole thread there could be found an instance of it), but it seems implied by what else is said about him. Deference is what should be given to Gagne, much like my argument with Mez. You don't lose a spot to a no-name guy because you get injured and some kid has a decent string of games. You can lose that spot in camp to anyone, for sure. But going into the new season, the seasoned veteran, i.e. Gagne, is not the one with something to prove against a group of guys with a combined 20 or so NHL games with not a big investment involved (i.e. no big contract or high draft pick), nor is the seasoned veteran, i.e. Mez, the one with something prove against a guy with a total of 60 decent NHL games. It is entirely possible that neither will make the roster, either because they are traded/not re-signed or because they are out-played in camp or preseason by the youngins or Gus. But going in the youngins and Gus should not be given the benefit of the doubt based on a microscopic sample size compared to Gagne and Mez.

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