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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I see, so just pass up opportunities to improve it then. If the team had addressed the lack of a top pairing defensemen, lack of toughness throughout the roster, lack of a #2 C that is a fit with the makeup of the team, lack of depth at goaltending, and lack of bona fide third line players, I could probably forgive a crappy 4th line. Since they addressed none of the more pressing issues, I ask why they couldn't at very least improve the easiest and cheapest part of a team to improve.
I think MacT's main issue is that he set his sights way too high... there was no way he could have acquired all that he set out to do.

I'd give MacT a C+ grade but some of the things that needed to be addressed were impossible

1) the lack of a top pairing defensemen... there was no realistic options out there (maybe Letang if rumors were true at the beginning of the offseason, but we'd have had to give up tons). We got the best UFA out there... (St. Louis would match any offer for Pietrangelo). So that was an impossible goal.

2) lack of toughness throughout the roster... well I'd say this may be a push... we ARE tougher. Ference and Perron provide some grit, but I also don't think we are tough enough... I do think Hamilton will make the team as well since Eakins loves him and so will Joensuu, they're both big guys but I'm not sure how tough they are either...

3) lack of a #2 C that is a fit with the makeup of the team... again maybe an impossible task. Who was out there, Grabovski? Weiss? I wouldn't say they're a big upgrade over Gagner. As for trades... who could we get? Maybe Stasny or possibly something for Kadri... but again they aren't that much of an upgrade or a ton better fit.... and in reality Gagner is a better #2 C then a lot of teams have.

4) lack of depth at goaltending... I do like the Labarbara signing and I like the Bachman signing as well. Now if we wanted someone to push Dubnyk... who was out there? no real options. Now seeing Khudobin sign with Carolina for what he did I was disappointed we didn't get him, but our goaltending depth is improved Labarbara + Bachman > Khabby and Danis

5) lack of bona fide third line players... we did get Gordon who will be a 3rd liner (bona fide third liner), and we couldn't find a spot for Hemsky so he occupies one of the wings by default... so really our third 3rd liner is what we're looking at. I personally don't think Jones is good enough defensively or offensively, and I'd rather have used his money on someone else... but I do know, lots think Jones is an ideal 3rd line winger, so I guess we'll see how he plays this year. On a side note... how good would our 3rd line look had we drafted Nichuskin, Nichuskin would be ideal next to nuge/eberle (big power forward who goes to the net) and we could have a 3rd line of perron/gordon/hemsky... and have Jones, Joensuu, Smyth, Brown, Lander, and Hamilton compete for 4th line spots

6) As for a 4th line, MacT had to bring in someone since we have absolutely no one ready (other than Lander) who could compete for a spot on the 4th line. I guess we'll have to wait and see how Joensuu and Hamilton do before grading the 4th line...

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