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Originally Posted by SupremeTeam16 View Post
I think this is especially important with Mac-t's buck shot approach to drafting this year and some of his free agent signings. You never know when a guy, who is 20-21-22, who might of been passed over a few drafts or taken in a late round or is a undrafted FA signing, might turn the page and become a great hockey player kinda like Martin St louis did. I'm not saying we're going to find a guy like that but our focus right now should be big bodied players who aren't terrifically skilled but can offer a different dimension to the game, and generally speaking bigger guys usually don't find their hands and legs until their mid twenties. I think there are lots of guys out there who could be some real gems and we need to make some space in our farm system. I know we already have alot of guys who fit the big bodied bottom 6 profile in our system but in my eyes competition is key.
we are giving guys like that a try in OKC... Pitlick, Martindale, Hamilton, and we have guys like Yakimov and Slepyshev now in the KHL. Khaira will be in the AHL this year as well. How many big bodied bottom 6 guys would you want to compete? And really the Oilers as an organization have done an adequate job drafting and they are constantly on the lookout for players, we've brought in a few KHL guys and some NCAA guys as well... you can't ask for much more then that

Originally Posted by 2sedins0cups
That being said though, I think you are completely right about giving them more ice time. Can't develop without responsibility and winning shouldn't be the top priority, development should.
Well if we're trying to develop the big bodied players as 3rd line, responsible defensive players... they shouldn't be getting big PP minutes and first line minutes. That's not what their role with the Oilers will be. Would it really do Pitlick or Hamilton any benefit to play first line minutes and be relied upon to score? And then their only chance to make the Oilers really is as a 3rd line type of player? I'd rather see them playing third line minutes myself and be relied upon to play solid defensive hockey, matchup against other teams top lines, and kill penalties.
And Rajala, Omark, Lander, and even Arcobello could all develop into NHL guys still (guys who play major minutes in the top 6 for OKC), really Miller will get minutes there as well this year and he could too. If those guys make the Oilers it will likely be as a top 6 type of guy, so might as well play them top 6 minutes.

Plus like someone else said, you have to earn minutes... nothing worse then gifting a prospect minutes that he does not earn. Look at how well our defense prospects have developed, and they've earned their minutes.

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