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Originally Posted by Pohlow View Post
Looking to buy my first ice hockey stick. If I hold my right hand at the bottom of the shaft, and my left hand at the top of the knob, do I need a right handed or left handed stick? (I'm right handed) I know it seems like a damn obvious answer (right handed get the right handed stick), but before I spend the money on a stick I want a straight answer x.x
Then you will shoot right.

Just think of which side of your body the puck would be on naturally. Left side, left shot. Right side, right shot.


Some food for thought, if you are about to learn anyways from step 0, and are right handed, then maybe consider having your right hand on top. It may take a bit longer to learn shooting, but stick handling will come more naturally.

Your top hand is actually the one that does most of the stick/puck control. The bottom hand is more about just supporting the stick and applying force for shots, which doesn't require alot of dexterity.

I'm right handed, shoot right, so dominant hand down on the stick. And I'm assbackwards. Kinna wish I learned the other way for better puck control, but too late to turn back now.

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