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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
9100 regular season shots, 900 post season. Things are unlikely to change drastically.

Having said that, we can win with Price, but he's not a top 5 goalie and it's unlikely he will ever be imo.
OK but where it gets tricky is which Price are we going to get...

for the past 3 season Price has been decent, top 10 goalie aside from the last 10-15 games of last year.

In 2010-11 he had a great year played 72 games, .923sv%, was voted 7th for hart voting... also outplyed Thomas in the playoffs even though the Habs lost the series.

in 2011-12 he had a decent year considering how bad the team was, .916 sv% playing 67 games, made the All star team, wasn't amazing but top 10 goalie that year.

This past year, for the first 30-35 games he was good again, a lot of the Eastern conferences coaches though Price was one of the better goalies in the East, and thats from coaches who watch a lot of their conference not just some sports writers.

But then he had an awful end to the season and playoffs.

I mean I'm guessin that they closer the goalie reaches to the 10000 shots references the more we know where his game is at, so which Price should we expect, before th?e late season slump he was a top 10 goalie...but do we know he'll be that the slump...

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