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09-07-2013, 03:55 AM
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Originally Posted by skorf View Post
With the bonuses, I don't know if we want to push back too much into next offseason as well and then rely on the cap going up... Nuge, Petry, and Dubnyk are going to get raises (plus we'd likely have to pay someone to take Hemsky's spot).

Though you are right about sending players down
One D HAS to be sent down which saves another 900k (775k in Potter's case).
So if we don't want to add the bonuses onto next year... we have 1.3 million + 900k if we send Larsen down to get to 23 players on the active roster = 2.2 million in space.
-Sign Malhotra to 1.3 million (2.2 - 1.3 = 900k in space + 900k from Lander being sent down to the AHL to get us back to 23 players) gives us 1.8 million in cap space again

So we'd still have 1.8 million to work with. We could realistically send down Potter and save another 775k = 2.5 million in space to sign someone else.... maybe Raymond or Mueller would take a 2 million/1 year offer and we'd have the 500k extra for wiggle room

Go into the season with
Smyth and Brown

Petry and Smid
JSchultz and Ference
Belov and NSchultz


Pushing anything from one season to the next is a bad idea.


Mueller signed in Europe yesterday

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