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09-07-2013, 08:06 AM
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This theme that "THE BARONS NEED TO DO MORE TO DEVELOP YOUNG TALENT" keeps coming up on here and it is really off-base.

First, as has been noted, the highly drafted prospects that have come to OKC have been pretty awful on average. Off the top of my head, Hamilton, Pitlick, Plante, Teubert, Chorney, Belle, and my personal favorite, Abney, have all been given pretty big minutes (well, not Abney, but he's just awful. 3rd round pick lol) and simply haven't played well enough at the AHL level. This is on them and the people who picked them, not on Nelson or the Barons.

Second, the Barons HAVE been playing a ton of good young players, and many of them have developed extremely well. Hartikainen is the best example; Marincin, Petry, Arcobello, Lander, Rajala, Cornet, Fedun, MPS, Davidson, etc, have all gotten big minutes in OKC and improved significantly as players as a result. Granted, most of these guys were not marquee draft picks, but if a 5th rounder is a better hockey player than a 2nd rounder, well, them's the breaks. It also doesn't really help that the Oilers do things like let Harti and Rajala walk, but you can't argue that the Barons haven't been giving big minutes and big responsibilities to quality young players. Hell, Rajala and Arcobello were THE GUYS in the playoff run last year.

It seems like some people here actually WANT the Barons to sport a Hamilton/Pitlick/Moroz first line and then a Musil/Gernat first pairing and Bunz in net and then lose 60 games because apparently getting ice time handed to you because of your draft position instead of earning it (and then getting pummeled as a result) is how you "develop" players. Ha.

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