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09-07-2013, 08:47 AM
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When it comes to our main 2 pro sports teams we in Edmonton (who are old enough) do a fair amount of pointing to the glorious past to make us feel somewhat better about the horrible present. Last night as I sat in the upper reaches of Commonwealth watching rookie John White drop a sure TD pass effectively pissing away any chance his hapless team had of winning, I wasn't thinking about all of the great former Eskimo running backs I've seen who would have caught that ball.

What was this loyal 40+ year season ticket holder thinking at that moment? "Stop punishing myself by buying tickets?" "Fire the coaches, GM, team president, board of governors, etc.?" No. My first thought at that very moment was: "Can our crappy kicker de jour make the chip shot FG to at least keep this close?". After O'Neill made it my thoughts went more big picture to "Stop kidding yourself and let the player airlift begin!". All the necessary firings can wait until the end of the season because this one's now effectively a write off.

My first year going to the games was with my dad as a 10 year old in 1971. That team started 1 and 10, brought in a bunch of NFL cuts, and won its last 5 games. Despite the terrible start and missing the playoffs, GM Norm Kimball and head coach Ray Jauch (CFL Coach of the Year in 1970) kept their jobs until the next season when the fantastic 34 season in a row playoff run (featuring 10 Grey Cups) began. I'm not saying that the current regime should get a similar pass if the Eskimos turn it around and win 5 or 6 of their remaining 8 games in 2013. Deciding about coaches and managers is what the off-season is for. The rebuilding of the currently not good enough import core of players on this roster (White, Marcel Young, TJ Hill, the o-line, etc., etc., etc.) is where it could and should begin immediately.

If the beginning of the needed fix doesn't happen right now, that's the biggest sign that we probably have the wrong GM (again!). I think Hervey's the right guy but I've been wrong before. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

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