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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Honestly, unless we discover that Thomas is a top 6 NHL player, the trade indeed makes no sense. We've drafted players based on the fact that we are too small. We let go Archambault based on the fact that we have enough small players like him. We have GLARING needs as far as size, defensive minded d-man and so on and then, you use one of your best prospect for.....a small forward? That makes NO SENSE whatsoever. Character or not, I don't care. So many times have we heard about this guy character and yet it worked with other teams. Strangely, we won't hear about the supposed Kristo character.

What also makes no sense is to not see what he's about at least in this camp. I can ASSURE you that even if he's ordinairy during preseason camp, the Thomas-Kristo trade would STILL have been there.

Everything is build on Thomas becoming a great NHL'er.....Let's pray.....
I don't think Archambault not being signed had anything to do with size. He made very little progress in the 2 years after being drafted and wasn't ready to play in the pros. Better to sign a FA that can play AHL than a guy like him who will play 2-3 years ECHL.

I don't think MB and co are as obsessed with size and the fans...they did draft Lehkonen and Reway who are small but ultra skilled.

My hunch on Kristo is, after having him around for 3-4 weeks(plus development camps) they did not see enough drive and work ethic for him to be a top 6 forward in the NHL, so they traded him for what they saw as better value. Thomas is a sniper and has a good work ethic and good bloodlines. Maybe he won't fit here because of size and too many similar players, but he has 2 more years without waivers so he can be an asset to be traded down the road.

I guess we'll know who won in about 3 years.

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