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Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
Our GM let guys go that shouldn't have gone.

We brought in guys that are, quite frankly, useless.

We have a coach with little brains.

We have a bunch of players that look like they are not even worthy of high school football.

Our President is a joke.

We have a good QB and a great receiver. Other than that, absolutely nothing.

It is an 8 team league for F sakes and we can't put an O'Line together for the love of god?

It shouldn't be this hard.
I disagree on the player talent. I think we have some good pieces on the field...aside from the secondary and Oline....and kicker position. Hervey needs to figure out the coaching issues and do everything in his power to upgrade the Canadian talent especially on the Oline. Its going to take some time unless their is a big free agent pool this off season. Fixing the secondary shouldn't be that hard...those imports are a dime a dozen.

As always, the teams with best Canadian talent(Oline especially) are the contenders. Unfortunately the Esks have not chosen wisely in that category. If any of Rottier, Hines, Mitchell, or O'Donnell were excelling the Esks would not be a 1 and 9 team. The margin of error in the CFL is so narrow. The Esks are not that far off....its fixable.

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