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Originally Posted by Broad Street Elite View Post
We also had a season of Bobrovsky struggling as a back-up goaltender and we all know how that played out. Changes of scenery work sometimes. I'm not ardent that Mason is the longterm answer in Philly, but to suggest that he's not a 25-year old that could still become a solid starter is almost as ludicrous imo.
Big big big difference between Bob and Mason. Bob put up very very good numbers before he had a bad playoff performance and was buried behind Bryz.. Mason was given the reigns with no prior professional experience, played "well" and then has never been able to get the groove back. Mason is not known for his work ethic, hustle, or having his head on straight, where as Bob is highly regarded for all of those.

And as for being "a trainwreck" of team, well we finished 24-17-7, 3rd best in entire NHL, if you dont count that first month.

I wasn't trying to talk smack, I was a huge Mason supporter for his first few years, but I've grown weary of ever getting my hopes up for Mason again, what has he done lately? He's definitely not your long term answer was all I was trying to say. He may work as a stop gap, and a leaky one at that.

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