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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The positives:

The sun rised. (well not really)

Good to see Bowman back in action. Sturdy tank, a handful to cover, an imminent danger for yac yds.

The addition of Bowman had an immediate effect on Henrry. Suddenly he was using his size, lumbering up field and used effectively on some plays.

White had his best game as an Eskimo. Look, the guy found lots of creases and small open holes on plays that just as easily could have been no gainers. Yeah, he dropped a pass, we'll get to that later.

Howard is back. Not sure where he was, but he arrived back in town. Not sure who the imposter was wearing #91 the first 8 games. Really theres no comparison between what Howard did yesterday and the rest of the season. He made more plays yesterday than he has all year. Has there been something wrong with this players attitude and approach to the game until yesterday? Yeah, you bet.

So as with Howard the d was good. We limited the Stamps to 5 FG's. The gift TD can't really be considered to be on the D. So this is finally the D we were seeing last year.

The negatives:

We simply have bad players that are bad in every game. Matt Carter makes a bad block on a runback that is clearly getting around the corner without the bad block, and costs us 50yds in that exchange. Matt prancing around punching air on the sidelines like we've seen so often from an inept player getting sand kicked in his face every game. Which leads me of course to his Canadian partner in crime Coehoorn. Congrats Nate. You contributed. -yds impact in the game. You had one catch for 5yds(and not getting to the first down marker) and you had 5 passes thrown your way. You took a major foul penalty, 15 yds for punching a Stamp. With the word punch giving too much credit. Not sure wtf you were thinking. But typical useless, idiot play. Contributed nothing. Nothing new either. 1 career TD people. 2 catches in last 4 GP. Thats it. Doing nothing but occupying a spot on the field. I keep saying it we're playing shorthanded with passengers like this on the field.

Reilly. First time this season I will critique his play but here goes. Calling his own number too often. jebus you got Henry on fire, you got Bowman, White is pounding the ball reasonably, and you're calling your own number a dozen times when Stamps sees 3 passes all game. C'mon. You missed Stamps flat out in the endzone because you were hearing footsteps on every down even when they weren't there. When pressure was there several times you ran right into it. On several throws you can't even call it a throw. On one play you saw blitz for a longtime and didn't throw the ball away. Memo. Throwing the ball away is better than a 15yd loss. tbh I haven't seen you do this once. Apparanently its not manning up enough.. As if you have to eat the pig or something on every play.

White, OK, he had the bad drop. The distinction from the two lackies above is that this is actually a good player. This is quintessentially the type of misfortune that happens in the middle of a losing streak. Players too tense, trying too hard, and making these mistakes. Obviously with Koch same thing. Reasonably good player taking eyes off the ball and it costs us bigtime. But lapses like this being largely due to the pressure felt playing on a losing team.

Next, O Neil. I think this guy could be good. You wouldn't know it from yesterday. But this is a player clearly feeling the pressure the club is under. These 2 misses don't happen when a club is on a roll. They happen now.

Finally, as I'm hinting distinctions need to be made around players that are good players having a bad game and bad players having another bad game. The uncharaceristic mistakes from good players will sort themselves out. You can't really worry about that stuff. So on yesterdays game Reilly, Koch, O Neill, get benefit of doubt.
But weakest links like Carter and Coehoorn don't because we need to get better at those positions. I have some hope though because NI Chambers is looking light years better than those guys and making some plays. We need another good NI receiver in the fold. Really cut the cord on Carter and Coehoorn who are never going to be any good. Can't believe I'm saying this either but McCarty has completely lost the script. Previously this guy was full of fight but he's clearly become one of the pretender passengers. Contributing nothing out there and not fighting. No intensity. This guy is just getting paid.
Hard to blame him for having happy feet, that OL line is horrendous. Got a kick out of the OL coach's reaction (TSN had some great shots) every time Reilly got sacked, the guy was losing his mind. If Reilly had more time to read the play I truely believe he would start to hit the open man more often. There is alot to like about Reilly.

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