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Originally Posted by jimbo1740 View Post
The current environment with the blackhawks makes the Toews/Jet scenario impossible.

He, along with Kane, will be extended after this coming season. First off they are coming off winning the cup. Second and most important, even with the Cup Hangover they are set up for another outstanding season. They lost almost no one. They've gone from quite possibly the toughest division in the league to swapping out a rising Columbus and rival Detroit for the Jets, Wild, Avs, Stars. They probably won't repeat but the mood around the team will still be very good, which makes the prospects for them not resigning hard to imagine.
Nothing is impossible.

Just because a player is extended does not mean they are immovable.

Things can change very quickly. Scenario: A couple of key Hawks get hurt. The team struggles with a cup hangover. The team doesn't perform as well as planned. Coach gets fired. New coach and Toews don't see eye to eye. Jets and Hawks trade Kane + for Toews.

A very, very unlikely scenario? Yes. Impossible? No.

JT ever playing for the Jets? Probably not. However, that has more to do with the fact that there are 30 teams, a salary cap, and all the stars have to align for a move like that to happen.

The Jets do have the fact that JT is still connected to Winnipeg as a small feather in their cap.

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