Thread: Confirmed with Link: 2013 Rookie camp roster (September 5-9)
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09-07-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDisk View Post
That's true.

Not true.

Here's the math:

64M cap limit.
64M / 82 = 0.78M per game.
Let's say the trade deadline is 60 games in (not sure about this):

Scenario 1 - We keep tinordi and run with a maxed cap all season:
60 games * 0.78M per game ~= 47M spent
17.2M left for 22 games
0.78M left per game

Scenario 2 - We send Tinordi down in Hamilton and play 2M under the cap until the trade deadline:
62M / 82 games = 0.75M per game
60 games * 0.75M per game ~= 45M spent
18.6M left for 22 games
0.84M left per game

0.84M * 82 games = 68.88M

So, if we play most of the season @ 62M, we'll be able to acquire up to 6.88M of salaries at the trade deadline.

Note that I rounded a lot of numbers, and I'm not sure how many games there is until the trade deadline. But that's the basic math.
This could be true, I always thought that a team simply has to be under the cap every game, and it's game by game, the reason teams are able to add players down the stretch is because their salaries where prorated, so you need to fit in that small amount, but you example, makes more sense.

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