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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
Agreed- mostly. I prefer Coehoorn to Chambers because I see more fight in him. Both are light years ahead of Carter however. NI talent takes longer to develop which is why I think they need to begin by getting rid of the weakest of their imports: Hill, Young, White, the returner who didn't realize he needed to pick up the ball, the o-linemen, etc.. NFL cuts have been freshly made, so start from there. It's worked before.
No, night and day difference.

Chambers will quickly leave Coehoorn in the dust.

I'll tell you the reason. Coehoorn at this point is phony tough. I don't call that fight, I call it pretend tbh.

He's the guy that thought he was big man in highschool that didn't have to train all that hard to be strong to that point. What you get with guys like that sometimes is they don't hit the gym as hard. I've seen this guy train. Lets just say he's not all that good on the weights. Number one problem? Pencil legs. point blank.
Watch him try to push off on somebody or gain an edge. I don't know that I've seen him break tackle once all year. The guy generates basically zero strength off his legs. Defenders, anybody, push him back for fun. Its half the reason he's so easy to cover, so easy to contain.

I've quite honestly seen females in the gym with better developed lower body than Nate Coehoorn. He's not alone though. I see guys all the time in the gym with upper builds and pencil legs. They look like a tree thats going to fall over in a stiff wind. Not that Nate has too much of an upper body build either.

Chambers is a well developed athlete that is faster, stronger, harder than Coehoorn and its not even close.

I keep hearing that Coehoorn works hard. Man, I can't see it. He always looks like he's tryiing hard, but the guy generates zero strength out there, zero push. Any DB in the league just owns him physically.

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