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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
Unfortunately White is a terrible blocker. He is a noticeable liability in the backfield when he doesn't get the ball. He needs to fix that part of his game or he will be virtually useless addition.
Oh, agreed with this. White is a horrible blocker. The one concern I have with this guy is he's a football RB that doesn't appear to like contact all that much. If this guy had any junkyard dog in him he'd be damn fine. Not sure if you noticed it but one play where he ran for 10yds he basically stopped up instead of playing through the hit. He froze in his tracks instead of laying into the D. Most RB's even guys that are not power backs with some speed are going to try to push the guy back a couple yds. White stopped up short and went down. You'd think he was the QB lol. Guys were throwing him around when he's trying to block as well. He's a smurf.

Also...I have no idea why you are so fixated on Coehoorn. To be honest its starting to sound a lot like your ridiculous Ray posts the only difference being that Coehoorn is still growing as a player.
Why you bother to spend so much time on a developing #5 receiver is baffling. He isnt even on the radar in terms of this teams issues.
Because this club for some reason has such a high opinion of him and puts him on the field ALL THE TIME. Just because this is football with several men on the field doesn't mean theres no impact when you have a guy out there like Coehoorn that can't do anything. Like I've said all along this is club is essentially shorthanded with Nate out there. Hell, you may as well have one less receiver and put one more guy on the line.

If Nate wasn't in one every play I wouldn't be talking about him so much.

#1 issue: Canadian O-line talent
- Hervey is directly responsible for this
I have some hope this might turnaround.
#2 issue: Len Rhodes
#3 issue: Head coach
#4 issue: Defenisve co-ordinator
#5 issue: Offensive co-ordinator
#6 issue: GM
As far as Hervey I dunno if its too early. Haven't liked some of his moves and didn't want him as GM in the first place but oddly enough I'm not prepared to rule him out this early. He recognizes good football talent for the most part, and cares a lot about the club and his role. In fairness he inherited a mess and is in this position among idiots.

This team is rotten from the top down and outside of the O-line player acquisitions are not the issue IMO.
We're weak in NI period. Team hasn't drafted all that well.
Chambers I would say is the best Canadian we got.

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