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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
Agree with some of what you say Replacement.

- good to see Marcus Howard back in the fold. I too, was wondering where this guy was. Perhaps hiding in HotToddy's basement?
Anyway, he can be a difference maker when he plays like one.

- also good to see Bowman back. Clearly he has 1 1/2 of rust on him, but he'll be fine.

- This was Reilly's worst game I think. I agree, he overdid the running part. Stampeders were ready for it and stuffed it. As usual, he was rushed on many plays and hit hard on many more. I think the loss of Koch hurt more than many think. He and Stamps work really well together.

- I also think that Hugh O'Neill is going to be a player. That makes 2 of us, and I'm sure everyone on here will think we're crazy. He just seems to have the temperment to be a kicker, and I think this will be looked at as just a blip on his resume.

- I wonder if Hervey still thinks the season is not lost, as he stated earlier in the week. I think this confirms it. I can see this team losing next weekend at home to the equally hapless Bombers, believe it or not. The pressure from the media and fans will be ramped up so intensely, that the few fans to show up will be rather merciless.

And speaking of fans, finally, we've now finished up or are close to finishing up the fair weather games. With the season done for all intents and purposes, the Oilers about to start camp and tease us, the weather declining, and less impressive teams on the schedule, I wonder what the crowds will be to finish up the death march. That should be the big slap in the face to Len Rhodes, who tried to up his Vanilla Ice debacle of last year by bringing in Gord Bamford of all people. Good God. Is Chaka Kahn not available?
It was great seeing Bowman back. Man, last time we saw him the team was having some fortune.
lol re: Marcus Howard. yeah, where has this guy been. Yesterday was Marcus Howard. Every other game was a shadow. I really don't know what Hot Toddy was looking at there tbh. I remember comments that Howard couldn't do much off the position the Esks were using him. Dunno. He was getting off with a push I haven't seen all year. He was aggressive from most every snap. I would think somebody had a long talk with him.

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