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Originally Posted by belair View Post
NHL upside is another thing, although Phoenix may be the right team for him.

But having seen that kid play last year, I can see him succeeding at a higher level than the OHL. Perhaps a PPG may be a little over-optimistic, but he's shown nothing but a solid progression since being drafted. Kessy was unheard of at the time of the trade and he's still a relative unknown. It'll take a whole lot to change that.

BTW, Portland is now Arizona's AHL affiliate, not San Antonio...
I knew who Kessy was and I had hoped that we'd draft him in hi draft year so just because he was unknown to some doesn't mean that he was a complete unknown. That said this will be the first game that I will get to see him play so I'll finally see what he brings to the table other than his fists.

Originally Posted by OneMoreAstronaut View Post
Well its Klefbom's last game to prove himself. If he can't recover from a year off of hockey in two entire games, HFOil will hang him and christen the next messiah.
Yeah no doubt, then we can concentrate on hoping that Zharkov fails to complete the Penner trade to claim that we were right all along and that it'd be a bad trade for us no matter what.

Originally Posted by Valic View Post
Oh I know for sure, but with the Russian players there is the inherited risk with them. You would hope you have some sort of a back up plan in terms of secondary scoring coming in the next couple years outside of the KHL playing Russians.
I get what you're saying, however it's easy to forget that most of our top picks in recent years have already become key contributors on the big club. Really Nurse and Klefbom are the only 1st rounders that we have from recent years to compare to the others. The key here IMO is evaluating our picks and the opposing teams picks beyond round 1 and seeing how they stack up.

Originally Posted by Red Deer Rebel View Post
The whole game is supposedly archived, although the link isn't working for me:

I'm not sure you really want to watch. Even a sunshine and lollipops commentator like Gene Principe was having a hard time finding anything positive to say about Nurse's performance the following day on Team 1260.

The kid should be sent back to the Sault after rookie camp and not even attend main camp. Hopefully he has a good season in junior and makes the Canadian Junior Team. Not much else to say.

MacT's big find - Andrew Miller - was also horrendous.

The only kid worth watching out there was Marco Roy. Here is my report card:

Roy - A
Khaira - C
Chase - C
Miller - F
Kessy - F
Abney - F
Ewanyk - F
Houck - F
Baddock - F
Schaber - F
Bilckie - F
Fyten - F

Marincin - B
Betker - B
Gernat - C
Klefbom - F
Nurse - F
Musil - F


Bunz - D
Thanks for that, the link isn't working for me right now either. That's not a very promising report card, but at least there are a small handful of positives starting with Roy and ending with a guy like Betker. Miller should be a stand-out in a tournament like this IMO.

Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
First off he won't be playing in San Antonio since he belongs to Phoenix. Secondly, I'd be shocked if he put up the same numbers as Rajala this year. I am a big fan but I think you are over stating his potential.

He and Kessy are totally different type of player obviously. At this point the Oilers need one type a lot more than the other.
Agreed, and it has been speculated or perhaps even stated that Rieder didn't like his chances here and wanted out. Maybe Kessy isn't an ideal return for some, but I for one am hoping that he succeeds and becomes a solid heart and soul role player for us.

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