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09-07-2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Oh yeah, I know. I'm a big Reilly fan. But he had an off game. I just knew it too when from the second play from scrimmage that he got sacked it was going to have an impact. |With a lot of QB's if you get him early it gets in their head. It of course being before he was able to get a feel and rhythm out there. People underestimate how many pro starts it takes for a QB to start feeling it consistently and be comfortable. Reilly, we've seen how good he is when he gets on a roll. But in another game, with seeing pressure from the outset it got in his head. Thing is there were ample times last night where he had a lot of time. But he was already off his game.

It'll come with time. I'd like to see this guy retire here. Theres a Grey Cup in this guy.
Good points, hopefully we don't wait too long for that cup. I'd settle for a .500 team right now. Something feels broken with this franchise right now and I don't really know who I should blame...the players don't execute on a regular basis but ultimately that is on the coaches, and for that matter do we have the right players and/or coaches.

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