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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
How is it nonsensical to plainly state the facts that he grew up here as a Jets fan and has very deep ties to the area? He has a community center named after him here and a lake as well FFS.

His legacy would probably be best served by returning home to play in front of all of his friends and family, and he will perhaps very soon have the opportunity to do exactly that.

This thread i started a while back i thought was dead numerous times... some on both sides of this argument have suggested it should have died or never been started!

I am neither optimistic or pessimistic as to what might happen. I mean really, who knows what will happen? Only Jonathon himself knows, as one other suggested.

What i do know and the initial reason behind the thread , is through a colleague, that in advance of Winnipeg Jets 2.0 being announced, and by that I mean over the course of 3-4 years in advance. He was witness to the relationship that Toews, his family and Mark Chipman have. Plainly speaking there is one and it is a strong one. So much so that this guy is convinced that there is a better than average chance of this happening. I was not witness to this, so i do not have the conviction that he has.

However, lets speculate for a moment if you are a Jets fan... Dream would be the word if you are from Chicago.

What was discussed amongst Chipman and Toews at a time when i believe Chipman would not be subjected to tampering concerns? I mean Chipman knew it was only a matter of time not if ever the Jets would back , for a long time. I mean Chipman is not a dummy, although if he did not broach the subject with Jonathon already I might have a different opinion of him now.

But whatever, i either in a year or two will be able to say you heard it here first or the Chicago fans will remind themselves of the idiot from Winnipeg who even thought it was a possibility for him to come back home.

The arguments for either point of view are obvious for any party on each side of the debate. There is a case for both. Please though Chicago fans, just do not bore me with the point of view that money will have anything to do with it. Its a capped league and Toews would be worth everything to Chipman and more to get him to Winnipeg. He will get every dollar in Winnipeg that you would offer him in Chicago.

Go Jets Go!

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