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Originally Posted by Usual_Suspect View Post
MacT has to be saying are you kidding me.
MacT "Homer I've got a proposal for you"

Holmgren "I'm listening"

MacT "How about you give me Coburn and your 2nd round pick next year"

Holmgren "For what?"

MacT "Eberle"

Holmgren "Really?!?!?"

MacT "I mean 2 2nd round picks"

Holmgren "Where do I sign?"

MacT "I'll send you the papers!"

Holmgren "O.K. Mac! I signed them and faxed them to the NHL head office"

MacT "Sounds good, I'm glad that we could finally do some business together!"

Holmgren "Yeah thanks a lot, I thought that after the draft you were kind of pissed at me and that you wouldn't deal with me anymore"

MacT "I'm a rookie GM learning the ropes, I was bound to be taken to the woodshed by a great GM like yourself"

Holmgren "Thanks again Mac, I'm really looking forward to having such a bright young talent joining our team!"

MacT "Yeah, you'll love Hemsky"

Holmgren "Hemsky?!?!?! WTF MAC?"

MacT "Didn't you read the trade request that you signed? Who's the rookie now *****!?!??!" Click

Holmgren "WTF!?! I just traded Coburn and a pair of 2nd rounders for Ales Hemsky? **** me! This isn't over MacT!"

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