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Originally Posted by Usual_Suspect View Post
You didn't read the post I replied to. Agreed that the Oilers have $1.35M. I'm saying that we have more if we send someone down. Plus we have more if we use the performance bonus cushion. We can use up to $4.225M in performance bonus cushion.

My understanding from is that the Oilers currently are spending the following (scroll to below the roster players):

Salary Cap $64,300,000
Salary Payroll $58,841,666
Cap Payroll $67,774,167
Bonuses $9,150,000
Cap Space $1,348,333

Is this not your understanding?
Yes, but that includes the bonus cushion. Take $64.3-(67.774-4.8225)=$1.35M

And yes you are right, if they send down Larsen they will gain $925K. Potter would also save some. But at best you may get to $3M and you are risking a cap penalty next year if you spend too much of that.

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