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09-07-2013, 05:29 PM
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I could see it...wont lose any sleep if it doesn't though.

He hasn't actually come out and say no...I'm staying with the Hawks. So there's that, not sure how much you want to read into that...if anything. I know if I was a guy like Toews, I would want to return to the 'peg and be a Jet...but he's not me.

People go on and on and on about how Winnipeg isn't a hot spot for FA...but every athlete that plays here seems to just love it so I don't know.

Hell the girl that Jonny gets married to could be a Winnipeg girl and she wants to be close to home. There may be a serious family illness or w/e that will make move back home, god forbid.

My point is, while I'm sure the Hawks would love to keep him and Kane...there may just be things that take that out of their control. You just never know.

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