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09-07-2013, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by is the answer jesus View Post
Bad trade for Buffalo. If Callahan were locked down long term it would be worth considering, but as it stands now he'll likely walk on us at the end of the year.
Fair enough, and an OTHERWISE legit concern.
However, why should anyone expect that to be the case?
Indeed, more likely he would enjoy that close to home.
Of course, home and hometown discount are 2 different things --- you have to pay him.

But if you pay ballpark what he wants, I don't see how you can claim he's up likely to up and walk. Your $$ is as good as anybody else's.

Also, Buf PREFERS to move Miller now, and this does that.While the principal asset is pricey, it does not immediately subtract from the big club, and Tambellini from Rangers is legit some of that value going the other way.

Thanks for the ?

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