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09-07-2013, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Theres a fine line in sports between believing in yourself and not. One gets the feeling if this club ever could win a game they would win a few in a row. Or more.

Its a horrible funk which as I stated several posts back makes even good players look not so good. The pressure gets in peoples head and they overperform, drop balls, jump plays, lose contain.

With Calgary its night and day. Didn't have to do much, just limit mistakes (which they made several anyway) and do enough to Win. It was a strange game and the result having more to do with momentum than anything.

Heres the deal. On a good confident club Paredes kicked 5 in a row and never even looked like missing. On the other hand O Neill, who is just as good flat out misses 2 because he has the pressure of playing on a club that can't afford to make mistakes.

It gets in your head when you are part of a team facing this kind of nosedive.

The cure is to blow a club right out of the ballpark. A game that you win by 3 or 4 TD's. Thats the type of game this team needs. When every player up and down the lineup is flying around making plays and playing agressive. When you're in a losing streak a whole lot of tentative creeps into the play.

I'll say this, theres nothing wrong with Sams as offensive coordinator. He's devised schemes that are working virtually all the time. The execution hasn't been there.
You've got to be kidding. How many times last night did we throw a 3-yard pass on 2nd and 10? A holdover from the Maciocia playbook.

Sams did one thing right last night, which was try to establish the run. Our O-line is so bad that they can't even open holes for off-tackle runs, so we were forced to overuse mis-direction counters, which worked early but got snuffed out repeatedly after the Stamps adjusted.

With Bowman back in the lineup and the way Henry has been playing, this team should have been running underneath crossing routes and quick hitters into the slot. I saw very few. Far too many deep patters, which are entirely useless when your QB gets one steamboat before he's under siege. Henry and Bowman are both possession receivers, and Bowman is a great downfield blocker. We didn't utilize their abilities nearly enough.

As for wondering why Coehoorn is constantly on the field, I suspect the answer is having three imports on the O-line. I don't know exactly how the import rules work with subbing in different offensive packages in the middle of the game, but given that Coehoorn and Chambers were both out there on pretty much every play, I assume it was out of necessity due to Rottier being replaced with an American.

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