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09-07-2013, 08:07 PM
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Was looking forward to seeing Nurse rebound tonight after the game he had but I'll have to wait another day.

At least Chase, Klefbom, and Khaira are all in..

It almost feels that if players do great in this tournament they're doomed for failure in the NHL.. Lander and Paajarvi both did great, RNH, Hall, and Eberle didn't so much..and look whose in the NHL doin great now..

I wonder why the best players suck so much at these, maybe because they're playing with a bunch of rookies that are out of position, sloppy, and scrambling everywhere? RNH seems to play better the higher the level of play is..for example he dominated in his rookie NHL season more than he did in the AHL, Junior, world Juniors, and Prospect + Preseason Tournament/games..
Which is why RNH should be on the 2014 olympic team..he thinks the game at such a high level..his play suffers when he's playing in an out of position, scrambly type exhibition game.

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