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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
Thomas is 39 and just took a year off.
He's not an elite goalie anymore. He's doesn't even have a contract.
Beside the point, he was drafted 217th overall and didn't even emerge as a starter until he was 32. So pretty much exactly the type of point I was making, he was signed as an FA by Boston and got to play behind Chara, Seidenberg, Boychuck, Ference, and a few others enroute to his cup win.
Well I've already agreed with you that finding an elite goalie does not require a 1st or 2nd round pick. It requires a good eye scouting the age group of late bloomers (which *most* goalies are... very few make it early... at least relative to their draft year).

Where we differ is on your characterization of that list as "not elite". Just cuz 'Thomas came late to the party, does not mean he was not Elite.

Perhaps what you meant to say was "some of these goalies are not Elite, and those that are were not early picks"... but that is not what you said.

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