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Originally Posted by Bizarro Bandwagoner View Post
Kind of embarrassing for an adult to be begging anyone for an autograph anyway isn't it?
Yes. Asking to take a picture with a famous person is more annoying to them however even if its a cool thing to have and show jealous people who won't believe you met someone famous without proof.

If someone collects autographs as a legitimate hobby and has done so since they were a kid and asks for the autograph to be made out to them so it can't be sold I can't blame them. Pestering celebs to sign stuff so you can flip it on ebay is something adults should not be doing though.

But the fact is if Patrice BErgeron were eating at a restaurant I'd guess over 50% of this board would probably approach him if they saw him out eating dinner even if he was literally stuffing a fork full of food into his mouth. Would be something like this.

I just wave to athletes when I see them in public and if they want to talk to a fan who recognizes them they'll holler at you and you can have a quick chat. Some do and are really cool and some just give you a wave back and appreciate you not getting up in their grill. I've never had a bad interaction with a celebrity but then again I've never bugged one for a picture or autograph (with the exception of seeing Bobby Orr in the stands at a hockey game watching a nephew of his play...but I was about 12 and I went to the pro shop and bought a stick for him to sign for me it was sweet.)

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