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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
For a guy who we drafted about 3 months ago, and someone you likely have never seen play before 2 days ago you sure are quick to write him off after watching him play 20 odd minutes of ice time.

You know that I have always respected you as a poster. And I've defended your opinion lots. But this is ridiculous.

So far in a handful of posts I've seen you say that Roy will never be an NHLer, will likely play in the ECHL and that he is an idiot. An idiot? Really? An 18 year old 2nd round draft pick who you've never seen play is an idiot? Give me a break. That's just gross.
The guy has been owned in 2 straight games. Has gotten belted multiple times in both games. This guy looks like Hemsky taking hits out there, not in a good way, and Hemsky is much bigger and can better absorb it.

To me the only time I was noticing Roy out there was him getting absolutely hammered.

This is not the successful route for a small player to take to get to the NHL. Really he's getting creamed by peers out there. I'd hate to see what he looked like playing against men. Which we might see next week, if the Oilers ever make a TC announcement.

I'm reactive like I say to hyperbole. The Oilers have been hopeless in this tournament with basically nobody looking any good. Given that it almost pisses me off sometimes how much people try to shine up the turds.

There was easily half a dozen players in the Jets lineup that looked more gifted than Marco Roy.

Idiot was kinda severe. Maybe savant..

jk aside I reacted. Still pissed at the esks being 1-9. Been dismal for sports here.

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