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09-08-2013, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
The players are still using the "nerves" excuse after the game here and that bothers me.
So I guess we need Katz to get them some meds to calm their nerves or something.

Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
He was still minus 2 made one nice play because he fell in offensive zone and puck came back to him He laid out a few hits but was out of position lots why the D+ not Minus and I don't care about Rieder he will struggle at next level as well
He nearly scored early on and also made a good pass to the slot. I missed the last 5 minutes of the game so I can't comment on what happened then. That said he was banging bodies, got into a scrap and didn't look clueless offensively. I liked his game personally. I mistook you for a Rieder fan that was still choked over the trade.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
lol Irony. I'm critiquing some little pint sized scrub that won't even end up being an NHL player and isn't worth even talking about and you've spent the last half a dozen seasons trolling Sam Gagner, one of the best players in the org.

yeah, you've written a lot of asswipe. I'll never run out.

ps The great Marco Roy is -4 in two games in the tournament and has 0-0-0 on the board. I must have missed something. Actually missed 5mins of the second period tonight. Apparently Roy was legendary in that 5mins. Can't say I ever noticed him except the times he got swatted out there.
I guess you either need glasses, need a new prescription, or you were tuned into the wrong game because of one of or a combination of all of the reasons that I gave above. He was easily the most noticeable forward out there IMO and one of a small handful that had good games.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
The guy has been owned in 2 straight games. Has gotten belted multiple times in both games. This guy looks like Hemsky taking hits out there, not in a good way, and Hemsky is much bigger and can better absorb it.

To me the only time I was noticing Roy out there was him getting absolutely hammered.

This is not the successful route for a small player to take to get to the NHL. Really he's getting creamed by peers out there. I'd hate to see what he looked like playing against men. Which we might see next week, if the Oilers ever make a TC announcement.

I'm reactive like I say to hyperbole. The Oilers have been hopeless in this tournament with basically nobody looking any good. Given that it almost pisses me off sometimes how much people try to shine up the turds.

There was easily half a dozen players in the Jets lineup that looked more gifted than Marco Roy.

Idiot was kinda severe. Maybe savant..

jk aside I reacted. Still pissed at the esks being 1-9. Been dismal for sports here.
His peers? How many 18 year olds are there in this tournament? There are many 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, etc. year olds in this tournament yet he was easily the best offensive forward that we had out there. The Esks are not the Oilers so trying to blame your ramblings on them is weak at best.

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