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Originally Posted by bucktown View Post
I cant stand Gene....I understand he maybe doesn't know all the players/jersey numbers so I will cut him some slack in the consistent play calling department. But his ridiculous rambling about totally unrelated topics, trailing off some inane story just to jump back into the play for a couple seconds only to try and remember his place, and his lame jokes and side commentary are just terrible.
Exactly. Gene was so bad in this game that it was hard to imagine that he has any professional broadcasting experience at all. I have no idea who the other guy was, but he was equally miserable.

When calling a game such as this with a bunch of no name players, the most important thing for the broadcaster to do is to call the damn play - mentioning the name or/and number of the player as often as possible. Really, who is going to bother watching a game between these two rosters? Only a hardcore fan. Gene should realize that and take it into account when calling the game.

I turned the game off at 5-0, and as bad as the team was playing, the bigger reason was I just couldn't stand listening to another second of that brutal commentating. Try to muster some freaking professionalism and concentration for the next game please Gene. Today's effort was unlistenable.

Originally Posted by Oiltankjob 4 93 64 View Post
Rest were meh
How about #47? He tuned his man up pretty good, no?

Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
I'm reaching the point where I may have to let his actual performance quell my own biases.
Just wanted to quote these wise words. Something we should probably all give some thought to when posting here. Well said bucks. Sig worthy stuff imo.

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