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09-08-2013, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
If the D played all season like it did last night, and Howard played all season like last night we'd have half a dozen wins.

The offense hasn't been the problem on this club. Nor have the schemes. Last night execution was a major problem. Really a bad game from Reilly who missthrew more passes than he delivered. Between that and him calling his own number repeatedly was kinda brutal. One could almost see Reilly trying to do it all on his own which is not how it works in team sports. Half the reason Stamps, Bowman, Henry weren't used ideally is the amount of times Reilly decided to run with it or run right into sacks.

Reilly never got into any kind of rhythm last night. Was plain lousy at his reads as well. Eskimos have two more TD's last night if he was looking at Fred Stamps much.

Sometimes the team needs to throw Crompton in for a couple of drives to get Reilly calmed down. I really think he gets hyped up a little too much and on some drives its like he's the QB. RB, and whole offense. Which is not a proper use of his offensive unit.
The offense scored 12 points last night, it was a big problem. It scored 8 points through 53 minutes of football the previous game. The fact that we've exploded late in the 4th quarter of numerous games has masked how bad the offense has typically been in the first 3 quarters of most football games. And by the sounds of it, those big fourth quarters started occurring when Reilly started calling more of his own plays.

We haven't run the ball enough in pretty much every game up until last night. 3rd down gambles and red zone performance has been an absolute gong show, though in fairness to Sams, the infamous "Joseph option sweep" play is probably a Kavis creation.

Playcalling has improved from where it was in July, I'll give credit there. But not to the point where Sams gets a pass. Why any receivers are running routes that don't take them past the first down marker on 2nd down, I'll never know. The fact that those receivers are the primary in some cases is Maciocia-ism at its finest. Execution was poor last night, part of the problem being that our receivers were seldom open on the long-developing plays that were constantly being sent it. We were constantly looking 30 yards downfield, or two yards across the flat. Henry and Bowman should feast on 6-12 yard routes, but that was rarely the play call.

How many screens or draws have we seen this year in an effort to back off the blitz? Pretty much none. Lots of shotgun handoffs to stationary backs though. Those always work great. The coaching staff has clearly not learned a thing from the Montreal debacle, since we were still using shotgun handoffs on 2nd and short last night. I don't even remember seeing any sneaks this year on 2nd and 3rd and short. Who the hell does anything but a sneak in those situations? Nobody except the Eskimos, who are apparently smarter than everyone else.

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