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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
The ridiculous apologies again... The KHL could never do anything wrong, Vorky, right? It's their paying customers who should be blamed. The Saviour may have been a good man, but compared to the KHL, he was a sinner. The only thing Utterly Blameless and Perfectly Immaculate in this entire Universe, is the KHL. That is the Gospel of Vorky, and let us all bow our heads in humility.

Also, what "that game" are you talking about? It appears that 5 out of 12 games won't be webcast!!! That's inexcusable. But the price must be higher than for the NHL, right?
That's really crap. And that's why I didn't buy any subscription, cause I have KHL TV and Latvian TV 6 that will give me all Dinamo Riga home games and a few away games (on KHL TV). Few I won't see due to work (played vs Eastern teams) and for the rest I wasn't compelled to rely on KHL's streaming... as evidenced now I was right. I'll purchase individual games then, if I see they are available...

Of course I could've gotten VSB that shows all Dinamo Riga games (away and home) and judging by the fact that KHL has sold them all the games and VSB will show all the games (as evidenced by last year) I don't see where's the problem in not making them available via streaming?? After all the games are played in the same arenas and if there's no concern of quality when VSB can show all Dinamo Riga's games, I don't see why such concerns are stopping streaming all the games from all the arenas??

We should always demand more from KHL and in this case we should demand from them actually to fulfill their promise. They should not sell something with an asterisk added that basically says ''we'll decide during the season what we'll show you''. If you know you won't be able to show a game from some arenas, then offer what you can show and don't call your offer ''access to all KHL games''...

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