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09-08-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think he gets deference because of what he has done in his career and what he did last year, especially in comparing him with a number of no-name young kids with little to NHL experience. The young kids don't get the deference. That makes no sense (unless it is some high potential prospect you have a lot invested in). I'm not saying Gagne is great or that the other guys suck, only that on paper going in to camp I'd but Gagne on the top of my list and let the other guys knock him off the top. It has nothing to do with his Flyers history. If they brought in someone else that was a veteran I'd give them deference as well over a group of nobodies. The nobodies can earn it, but I don't understand why you would take an established guy and not give him a chance, then give a bunch of no namers a chance because (fill in the blank because I'm not sure what your reasoning is other than saying Gagne is done...despite the fact that he scored at .44 PPG last season and even higher the year before all while battling injuries, which I think we can all agree is more than what any of the young guys will likely score).
You sound like Ken Hitchcock or something. What exactly are you saying..that the Flyers should have tied up a roster spot for Gagne out of deference before camp even starts because you consider his potential competition inferior? This makes no sense from a player development perspective.

Again the fact that Hextall is meh on Gagne should say something. He's not showing deference and shouldn't. He saw Gagne in LA and knows that Sutter benched his butt so he is probably giving Holmgren some good insight on why there might be better options which is not limited to rookies but also other unsigned veterans.

Now of course you are moving the goalposts a bit and saying established veterans should get deference over rookies b/c somebody other than Gagne might be brought in but you fail to get the point that Gagne is not as good an option as you and others have been spouting on here and that has been my whole argument the whole time....whether it's a rookie that should be given more of a chance or another vet which Hextall and company are considering.

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